Why Use Us?

The Home Heating Association recommends that wood burning fireplaces are to be serviced annually and cleaned regularly to ensure safe & efficient operation thus in turn, reducing smoke output. Thousands of chimney fires occur every year. Anytime wood is burned in a fireplace, soot and creosote are produced. Soot is made up of fine, black carbon particles and creosote is an oily, flammable liquid tar. These by-products cling to the inside of a chimney and can cause a chimney fire.

Obstructions such as bird nests, soot falling into the baffle chamber, possums nesting and even leafs and cobwebs can be removed and we can provide valuable advice on many different aspects of your fireplace, flue system, flue termination and ventilation requirements as well as a multitude of other things appertaining to heating your home safely and efficiently with minimal impact on the environment. The best time to have your fireplace cleaned & serviced is after the winter season (September – March). This will not only ensure prompt service, but also minimises the damage & corrosive effects as a result of the debris & condensation left within the firebox & flue system during the off season.